Preparing for an Audition

To see what you will be tested on, read our Audition Assessment (updated Sept 2018).

Pre-audition workshops were run by our music team in September 2016. Watch the below videos, recorded at the Auckland workshop, for insights into the audition process.

NZSSC Auditions Workshop: Song selection

NZSSC Auditions Workshops: Vocal Excercises

NZSSC Auditions Workshops: Aural Exercises (Part 1)

NZSSC Auditions Workshops: Aural Exercises (Part 2)

NZSSC Auditions Workshops: Sight Singing

NZSSC Auditions Workshop: Overall Impression

NZSSC Q&A from Auditions Workshops

Membership Fees

Membership fees for the full two year cycle are approximately $6,500, depending on the length and destination of the international tour. These fees cover:

  • Costs of attending rehearsal courses, which run for up to one week of every school holidays : tuition, travel to the rehearsal city by plane or bus, billeting with breakfast and dinner (local choir member families are expected to billet members from out of town).
  • All costs associated with the international tour, excluding personal expenditure and passport/visa/immunization requirements.
An additional bond of $250 is required to cover any uniform and sheet music losses/damages. This is refunded upon return of all uniform items in good order.

A Student Support Fund was recently established for those members who may require financial assistance with membership fees. An application form is here.

We have also assembled a list of fundraising suggestions, including local grant opportunities, so students can contribute towards the cost of their membership.