Sponsoring New Zealand Secondary Students Choir

Partnering with New Zealand Secondary Students Choir means aligning with a 'boutique-feel' organisation that has reached iconic status in the country.

The New Zealand Secondary Students Choir is an award-winning choir with an over 30-year long history. NZSSC was founded in 1986 and trained nearly 1,000 young singers during that time and created life-changing experiences for many of those.  The singers go on after their NZSSC turn and create a legacy for New Zealand. Some continue their singing with the New Zealand Youth Choir, others embark on solo singing careers and turn into singing stars, like Simon O'Neil, Madeleine Pierard and Anna Leese.

Many go on to be music teachers sharing their skill and passion with thousands of students (from primary school level to universities), or direct and conduct dozens of community choirs from Dunedin to the Hawkes’ Bay, Wellington to Hamilton. Others translate their confidence into careers as doctors, engineers or laywers.

Attributes and values associated with New Zealand Secondary Students Choir are:

  • Excellence
  • Nurturing
  • Nationwide
  • World-class
  • Award-winning
  • Quintessential New Zealand
  • International exposure
  • Collaborative
  • Inspirational
  • Resilience
  • Advocacy

With an experienced team that understands a 360degree view on partnerships and the importance of Win-Win-Win (sponsor-customer-NZSSC), New Zealand Secondary Students Choir is a great asset for sponsorship.

Activation opportunities with NZSSC include:

  • high quality event hosting
  • private performances
  • access to corporate team building/coaching activities involving singing (teams bonding through working together as a vocal ensemble) or work with our world-renowned artistic Director Dr Karen Grylls, how to 'shape a single body of sound with a number of individual voices' and how this can apply to a corporate environment
  • product promotion nationwide AND internationally on tours and
  • alignment with an array of rich online content, concert broadcast and CD/DVD recordings.

Partnerships at NZSSC are an executive matter and looked after by the Chief Executive.

I welcome any conversation how we can partner up with you and generate value for your company while creating inspiring work and heavenly music for a New Zealand and international audience.

You can contact me via email or phone and I look forward to your message.


Arne Herrmann
Chief Executive