Benson Wilson

BASS 2008-2012

Simon O’Neill

TENOR 1988-89

Clinton Fung

BASS 2011-12

See our feature on Clinton’s time with NZSSC and career development since then.

Madison Nonoa

SOPRANO 2007-2008

See our feature on Madison’s adventures since her time in the NZSSC

Tecwyn Evans

BASS 1987-88

See our feature on Tecwyn’s career development from NZSSC member to international conductor based in Sweden.

Amelia Berry

SOPRANO 2005-2006

See our feature on Amelia’s exciting career since her time with NZSSC.

Chris Bruerton

BASS 2001-2002

See our feature on Chris and his role in one of the world’s most internationally renown choirs, The Kings Singers.